Never Give Up

My friend Sara has finally released a new video (you can watch her first video in the previous post). This time she’s talking about some useful tips that are helping her to maintain her foreign languages. And all that in 6 languages! As always she asked me to help her editing the video, so yeah, i feel the responsibility to share it with you too (;

Thanks and enjoy!



I’ve just finished editing a video for my friend Sara. She’s a really inspiring person who I’ve met in a really life-changing period of my life. Originally from Serbia, she always invested her time into learning foreign languages because of her love for communication and building new relationships. Serbian, French, English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian… That sounds crazy but all these languages manage to stay in her head. I even remember when we tried to learn Japanese, or when she asked me to teach her Russian (hopeless¯_(ツ)_/¯). That’s why I can say that she’s a real polyglot: she can’t stop learning and searching for something new. And her story inspires you to start doing something, start investing time in your life and your future. So I hope you’ll watch this video, I’m just sharing it with you, because it means a lot to me and my friend.




And maybe I’ve been left out, 

Never let this be mistaken.

They can keep their blessing now, forget me now

‘Cause I was never welcome


It’s a long story, but we have all the time in the world.

On June 22, 2015, Fort Minor (side-project of Linkin Park’s founder Mike Shinoda) released their first song in the past 10 years – WELCOME. Together with our partner LPCoalition we’ve decided to organize a flash mob to celebrate this release. During Linkin Park’s The Hunting Party European tour 2015 the band also played the new Fort Minor song, so we’ve decided to fulfil our idea during this tour. We’ve contacted other fan-sites all over Europe, so we could unite all our efforts and create a common massif international flash mob. The idea turned out great, so in the end we’ve decided to create a video, capturing this massif WELCOME flash mob. We’ve assembled all videos that were filmed at these shows and put it together into this clip. Our work had a great resonance, reaching even the band. And it’s a project that we’ll always be proud of.