The past few months have been really hard for many music lovers. A legendary musician has left our world.

I am one of the Linkin Park Ambassadors, so the news was especially hard for me. From the moment when we have learned the news is actually true, we took the responsibility to unite and support all the fans who needed help.

Later we have decided to release a tribute album. Music helps us getting through difficult times, so we thought that maybe music is exactly what we need now.

We’ve contacted a bunch of fans-musicians and asked them, if they’d agree to take part in our project. And so we’ve assembled 15 songs from different artists and released our album: IN THE END: A Tribute to Chester.

We’ve also released the first single – LEGEND by Quman ft. Dimitris Papasinos. I’ve worked on the lyric video for that song, so I feel the responsibility to share it with you too.

Discover the whole album, follow the link to download it for free:




Never Give Up

My friend Sara has finally released a new video (you can watch her first video in the previous post). This time she’s talking about some useful tips that are helping her to maintain her foreign languages. And all that in 6 languages! As always she asked me to help her editing the video, so yeah, i feel the responsibility to share it with you too (;

Thanks and enjoy!



I’ve just finished editing a video for my friend Sara. She’s a really inspiring person who I’ve met in a really life-changing period of my life. Originally from Serbia, she always invested her time into learning foreign languages because of her love for communication and building new relationships. Serbian, French, English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian… That sounds crazy but all these languages manage to stay in her head. I even remember when we tried to learn Japanese, or when she asked me to teach her Russian (hopeless¯_(ツ)_/¯). That’s why I can say that she’s a real polyglot: she can’t stop learning and searching for something new. And her story inspires you to start doing something, start investing time in your life and your future. So I hope you’ll watch this video, I’m just sharing it with you, because it means a lot to me and my friend.